Headed to Hidden Beach Resort for your Nakation? 10 Suggestions to Make Your Naked Stay Even Better

Together time is naked time at Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico

There are a lot of great nude and clothing optional resorts, B&Bs, and vacation hot spots available for couples looking to try a great nakation. My wife and I have been lucky enough to spend time at several of nude resorts and beaches throughout North America and the Caribbean. While there are many properties we like for a variety of reasons, Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico remains one of our favorites.


Our room at Hidden Beach Resort

There is a lot to like about Hidden Beach Resort. What could be better than a nude resort (not clothing optional) where you can walk out of your room in the morning, have breakfast, lay in the sun, swim in the pool, enjoy lunch by the pool, have a cocktail or 10 more, sit in the hot tub, enjoy a candlelight dinner, enjoy a variety of evening activities and never put on a stitch of clothing all day?  My wife and I went 36 hours once without putting on anything until we finally decided to go to one of Hidden Beach’s sister resorts for dinner (sorry, shirt and pants required for guys, dress, skirt or shorts for women).

My wife and I started this blog more than five years ago to give advice and suggestions to couples looking to try social nudity. We wanted to share our experiences so that other couples can explore nude vacations and a relaxing time together. We try to help couples know fact from fiction or as we like to say, “the naked truth.” It has been a wonderful getaway for the two of us where we can enjoy each other’s company while relaxing in the buff. We’ve made great friends and have wonderful memories but like most first timers, we didn’t know what to expect the first time we went to a nude resort.


So what is it like? Relaxing, freeing and fun are the first thoughts that come to mind. What isn’t it? Sexual. Believe it or not, it’s not a sexual experience and most reputable clothing optional/nude locations have a code of conduct that guests must sign. No sexual or intimate touching or contact is allowed. There is time and place for everything and it is in your room after a naked day in the sun.

We found Hidden Beach 12 years ago and have loved it every time we’ve gone back. We just completed our fifth visit and we will be back. It’s expensive. In fact, it’s probably at the highest price point of any of the resorts we’ve stayed. I am working on another post comparing Hidden Beach Resort and Couples Sans Souci (both wonderful properties offering great nude experiences and great for first timers) but on our most recent visit to Hidden Beach my wife and I started a list of the must do activities for you and your partner during your stay. Some of these are on their website but must are not. Our list goes beyond simply sitting on the beach or lounging by the pool naked and talking with new friends all day (which is great too!).

We love going to Hidden Beach Resort to spend time together naked and enjoy meeting other couples. Here are the activities we look forward to every visit. Most are done without swimsuits and clothing but a few require us to cover up (bummer).

Regardless if this is your first visit to Hidden Beach or your 20th, here are our list of activities we recommend doing during your stay:


1. Sleep With the Fishes – Hidden Beach has ten or so wonderful palapas on the beach. Think of these as daybeds with thatched roofs. They are wonderfully comfortable and perfect for lounging naked during the day. Late at night, we put on our Hidden Beach robes, grab three towels each and find a comfy palapa to snuggle on while listening to the waves washing up on the beach and the breeze flowing through the palm trees. It is a truly wonderful experience. We usually fall asleep and wake up early in the morning (3am several times) before returning to our room. We were really lucky to have a full moon during our last visit to Hidden Beach.


Photo from http://www.hiddenbeachresort.com/

2. A Naked Table for Two – Nude dining isn’t for everyone but there is something wonderfully casual about enjoying a wonderful meal at a restaurant where no shirt, no shoes, no suit (swimsuit or otherwise) means great service and good times. Seriously sitting down to a candlelight meal and only wearing a wrap (my wife) or nothing at all but sitting on a towel (me) and being treated to a fabulous meal with other naked diners is meal you can only enjoy here.


3. Fish Food – Hidden Beach is a wonderful property but unfortunately the beach really isn’t much to speak of.  Sand no. Coral yes. While we wish we could go for a skinny dip you really can’t go very deep into the water without shoes. Fortunately where there is coral there are fish and throw them some bread and you’ll have a school of fish swimming around you in no time. This is one of my favorite activities.


4. Rise and Shine – Just as much fun as sleeping outside on the beach is greeting the sun as it rises above the horizon. There is nothing like sitting in the early morning light wearing only a towel or robe and then feeling the warming rays of the sun. Before long off comes the robe and your body is being kissed by the early morning sun. It’s a wonderful start to the day.


Photo from the website: http://www.karismahotels.com/Hotels-Resorts-Villas/Adults-only/El-Dorado-Resorts/El-Dorado-Royale/Spa

5. Naked Time at the Spa – The El Dorado Seaside Suites opened the incredible Naay Spa offering all kinds of spa and massage services. For two hours on Sunday (5-7pm), the spa’s hydrotherapy room opens exclusively for guests of Hidden Beach.  What better way to enjoy water treatments than naked with your nude friends. We had a blast and plan on doing it again next time.

Photo from http://www.hiddenbeachresort.com/

6. Beach Massage – How do you make a great massage even better? You’re already naked. So enjoy an expert massage on the beach with the sun and the surf around you. This is a must do for my wife every visit.

Yes you have to put on clothing at the other resorts, but that doesn’t mean you might not see a moon.

7. Talk a Hike – Perhaps the best part of Hidden Beach is that it’s a small intimate boutique resort surrounded by two huge adults-only (and clothed) resorts: the El Dorado Seaside Suites and Sensimar. While it literally takes less than five minutes to hike from one side of Hidden Beach to the other, you can wander around the immaculate and landscaped properties next door. Sidenote: Hidden Beach guests can go to the other resorts but their guests can’t go to Hidden Beach. While we don’t like putting on clothing to hike in the morning, we love to explore the beach and resort properties. We do it every morning. And just because you have to cover up, doesn’t mean you have to cover all the way up. 🙂

Let’s go Rock and Roll

8. Naked Rock and Roll – Who doesn’t like great live music? Now dance the night away with a Mexican band performing your favorite covers. Don’t know what to wear? Nothing is always in style or wear the revealing club outfits you’d never wear otherwise.  Loud music and dancing with friends can’t be beat.

Photo from http://www.hiddenbeachresort.com/

9. Take a Swing at the Cotorros Bar – There are some fantastic bars at the El Dorado and Sensimar resorts. Yes you have to get dressed and wear clothing but what could be better than great drinks, good people and swings. We spend hours swinging back and forth while enjoying great conversations and drinks.

Perfect Full moon at Hidden Beach Resort.

10. Take a Late Night Skinny Dip – There is something refreshing about skinny dipping in the pool or relaxing in a hot tub under the warm Mexican night sky. To me swimming nude in the pool or soaking naked in a hot tub makes me feel relaxed and young. With my wife beside me and a drink in our hands, this is the ultimate end to a great day.

Every couple we’ve ever met at a nude resort or beach has their favorite activities to do together in the buff. Regardless if it’s Saint Martin, Palm Springs, Florida, Caribbean or Hidden Beach Resort, for us our time together naked is peaceful and relaxing. Honeymoons, anniversaries or just time away, a naked vacation really is something everyone should experience. We hope more couples discover it and create their own nude activities list to share with other couples who just might want to try a nakation of their own.

Please note that this blog is our opinion only. We were not paid by Hidden Beach Resort, El Dorado or Karisma Hotels for our post. Not that we wouldn’t like another trip back soon. 🙂





Published by TC

Professional who enjoys traveling and seeing new places with my wife and best friend.

16 thoughts on “Headed to Hidden Beach Resort for your Nakation? 10 Suggestions to Make Your Naked Stay Even Better

  1. Thanks for another great article. I enjoyed it and the pictures. Your wife reminds me of my own, butt naked but still wearing a watch. Have you ever been to playa sonrisa? The place looks great to me and it’s within my budget, just wondering if you had any experience there.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment. I have looked at Sonrisa and would love to go but have been scared of the 5 hour car trip to get there. Looks like paradise, but I don’t have that much time to spend getting there and coming back. If you go let me know. Would love a trip report. The other one I’d like to go see if we had the time is Payabay. Looks great. http://www.payabay.com/

      We appreciate your comments. Thanks!

      1. TC- my husband and I were at Pats Bay two years ago and LOVED IT. Very small resort; no frills. (Not fancy but so comfortable!). Only 6 of us on the main beach- it was like a private paradise!

  2. Great review. We were there just a few weeks ago, and you really capture the essence of the place. And you’re right; Sonrisa is a long drive, but we’ll worth the effort for a totally different experience.

    Thanks for you excellent blog.

  3. Any review of Hawksbill by Rex Resorts? My wife and I are considering our first nakation and are considering either Hawks or HB. (I’m 45 and she’s 38, married almost 20 yrs only prior experience was going nude on our honeymoon on Maui 🙂 – your site is a very enjoyable read to help get started!)

    1. I have not been to Hawksbill but I’ve heard good things. From what I can tell, you really can’t go wrong here. Both are great properties. It simply comes down to clothing optional vs. nude. Hidden Beach is a nude resort. They expect you both to be nude while you’re there. This can be a little intimidating to someone who hasn’t done this before. The first time we went there, my wife was anxious about having to be nude there vs. clothing optional. That lasted for maybe 15 minutes after arriving. If you and your wife want a nude vacation experience, you really can’t go wrong with Hidden Beach. The blog you read is why we love it so much. That said, if clothing optional is more your pace right now, Hawksbill sounds wonderful. Please let me know if you have additional questions. And thanks for your kind words. It’s people like you and your wife who we developed this blog for.

  4. I’m not sure why you started this blog, but thank you. We are planning our trip to Hidden Beach for next year for our 25th. We’re looking forward to reading about Kissemee because THAT was going to be our first nakation but it just didn’t work out this winter. (We went to Miami (again) and spent a couple days at Haulover. Not a true “nakation” but we love heading down there.) It’s funny but every year that goes by the saying “youth is wasted on the young” makes more and more sense to us. Thanks for posting this all –

    1. That was one of the nicest comments we have ever received. Thank you. We started this blog for couples like you to show that normal people like us enjoy social nudity and taking nude vacations. We’ve had great times on our nude trips and made many friends. You will love HBR. It’s awesome. Cypress Cove is awesome too, just a different kind of awesome. Happy 25th to you both. Don’t waste any more years. Enjoy it.

      1. As an aside, have you used travel agent for HBR or direct contact and planned yourself? Wonder how we can get best deal . . . We are in the Midwest. Let me know your thoughts.

      2. We have done both. We’ve used Castaways Travel and booked directly. Most recently I’ve watched their website and booked when they had a deal running. They are a premium property and you will pay for it. They don’t come down much. That said, if you agree to sit through their “travel club” discussion, they will often upgrade your room or give you other discounts. That’s your call. Highly recommend using Cancun Cab http://www.cancun-cab.com/ to get private car to and from airport to HBR. They’ll get you there faster than any other service. You don’t have to share your car or sit in a bus either. It’s worth it and priced right. Hope this helps. We’re also in the Midwest. Getting tired of winter and ready for Spring to finally get here.

  5. I had heard that Hidden Beach was now clothing optional. I’d go nude but my wife will be slow to come around and would more likely go if she could ease into it. Anyone have any insight?

    1. Great question and yes, my wife had the same concerns. It is a nude property and you’ll find most guests are nude 24/7. Honestly as your wife gets more comfortable, she’ll find it better that everyone is naked too. That said, I asked a few friends who have been there recently and they said while it is positioned as a nude resort (and it is fabulous), some women will wear go topless until they feel comfortable and then drop the bikini/thong bottoms. Honestly, nudity is never an issue unless it is an issue and then it’s the only issue. It’s a major challenge to be nude socially around others but until you try it and realize it really is no big deal, I totally understand your wife’s concerns. Happy to help. Message me if you have specific concerns you’d like to discuss. Thanks for reaching out.

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