Couples Sans Souci Perfect for First Timers to Jam Naked in Jamaica

My wife and I have been to nude beaches and resorts all over the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Somehow we missed Jamaica… until now. In late December we finally traveled to the Reggae Capital of the World and picked up a Red Stripe and pulled down our swimsuits. We relaxed in the hot sun and swam in the warm ocean. We believe Couples Sans Souci Resort is a perfect place to get naked with your spouse and if you haven’t done it before, it is a great place to try nude recreation for the first time.

I’m not sure why we hadn’t been to Jamaica until now. It’s not that we didn’t discuss it.  I’ve read and heard a lot about Hedonism II, but that’s not our idea of fun. Couples Resorts and specifically the Sans Souci property caught our attention after I began reading several travel forums that many couples had their first social nude experience there. My wife and I are not nudist newbies, but our blog is all about encouraging couples who want to try nude recreation so we decided to give it a try.

Is this romantic or what? Some of the views at Couples San Souci

While this blog isn’t about the total Couples Sans Souci resort experience (go to TripAdvisor if you want to learn more), we will tell you why we thought the Sans Souci resort complements its Au Natural Beach and Pool experience nicely.

Mineral Pool at Couples San Souci

The resort was carved into the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It is older (more than 50+ years) and has been maintained beautifully. The landscaping, architecture and layout are very romantic. The restaurants, bars and pools all offer an excellent experience and variety. The rooms in the A and B buildings were renovated in 2015 and are very nice. You’re steps from the main beach and restaurants. If we did it again, we would request one of the rooms on the hillside because they are more private, have large balconies and have amazing ocean views. You can also sit and relax in the nude on your balcony without disturbing anyone or attracting any attention. This isn’t possible in the A or B buildings.

The main beach and A and B Buildings at Couples Sans Souci Resort

Couples Sans Souci is only for adults and attracts a lot of couples on their honeymoon, anniversary or just much needed time away. Did I mention it is very romantic? It really is and we would have had a great time here even if it didn’t have a nude beach and pool. But it does, which is why we went there.

Before I share our impressions and thoughts, I first want to mention why spending time together as a couple on a nude vacation can be such a rewarding and shared experience. If you’ve read our blog before, you know this but I believe it’s necessary to reinforce these points.

Think about how much time you and your spouse, significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. actually spend together. Now consider how much time you’re together naked. I’m not talking about sexual intimacy either. That’s a different experience which can become more intimate by spending time together nude but is not what happens at a nude beach or pool. There is a time and a place and sexual intimacy or touching is not appropriate outside of your bedroom at Couples Sans Souci.

If you go to Couples Sans Souci and enjoy Sunset Beach (the Au Natural Beach), take a picture next to the welcome and no photography sign. It’s a tradition.

I’m talking about the time for the two of you to relax and reconnect. It’s about looking at each other and seeing the person you’re in love with as the sun shines down on both of you. It’s a feeling of personal freedom and shared romance because you’re together and totally exposed. You feel a little naughty because you’re outside with other nude couples around you. But you feel warm, relaxed and at peace. To me, my wife is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. As beautiful as she is with her clothes on, she is even more stunning when she is completely naked relaxing in a beach chair, sunbathing, swimming in the pool or walking on the beach with me holding hands. We always have a wonderful experience together on our nude vacations, which is why we share with other interested couples so they know what to expect and what the experience is really like and what it isn’t.

So why do we believe Couples Sans Souci’s Au Natural beach (they call it Sunset Beach) and pool are the perfect place to try the nude experience for the first time? It’s like everything else in Jamaica, it’s laid back, it’s relaxed and it’s, “No problem, man.”

The Au Natural beach and pool is probably about 100 yards in length. There are chairs throughout the beach where you can have your own space to relax with your spouse in the sun or shade. Or if you’re more social, the pool area is fantastic with a hot tub, swim up bar, and restaurant to enjoy. Overall, the nude experience here compares very well with other places we’ve been to and it is a first class setting that is well maintained. It is a safe environment and is perfect for relaxing in the sun, talking with other couples, playing nude volleyball in the pool or just falling asleep in the sun.

A walk along Sunset Beach at Couples Sans Souci is a must. It’s not a long walk but it will be memorable.

So why would we recommend it to couples considering it for their first nude experience? The first time for anything often produces anxiety and fear. Taking off all of your clothing so that your spouse and everyone around you can see you can be a humbling and scary experience the first time you do it. However, the reward is the most relaxing and yet exhilarating feeling ever. Think of what you felt the first time you kissed. You’re happy and excited and yet still feel like you’re about to throw up. That’s what I’m talking about. 🙂

Here are the reasons we believe it is perfect for first time couples: you have lots of space and can relax and explore at your own pace. Here are our tips to making this a wonderful experience for both of you:

Au Natural Beach at Couples San Souci

Get there early. The beach and pool officially open at 9. Get there at 8 or 8:30 and take your place on the beach where you’ll have space to set up and get comfortable. There might be a few other couples there but you’ll probably have much of it to yourself. It’s a much less stressful experience when the beach and pool aren’t filled with people. That will happen later in the day, but you’ll be ready for it.

View from the Couples San Souci nude beach

Take it off. Take it all off. Don’t delay. Don’t debate. Just take off your swimsuit, lay out your towel, put on your suntan lotion (put it on now while you’re thinking about it; you do NOT want to burn) and get comfortable. It will feel odd at first. That’s fine.

Looking down the Au Natural Beach at Couples San Souci

Enjoy the moment. You can only have one first time and this is it. You’ll feel a little crazy, but once you realize that no one is staring at you and that the world didn’t end, you’ll realize how good it feels to be warm all over and how wonderful it is to have your spouse at your side. It’s an incredible shared experience. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll find that you’re starting to feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Waiting for guests to arrive at the Au Natural Pool at Couples San Souci

Take your time. Yes, you’re now naked and showing your body. You’re getting comfortable. As time passes, more couples will come to the beach and pool. You’ll see them find their spots on the beach and you’ll hear them by the pool. You’ll see them take off their suits. You’ll see that everyone is wonderfully average and no one really stand out. It’s funny. Clothing and bathing suits make us stand out from the crowd. Take them off, and we all pretty much look the same. Here’s what I mean.

You’ll notice we come in all shapes and sizes. Some couples have tattoos; some couples have completely shaved their pubic areas while some are completely natural; some couples are pierced; some couples are old and others are younger; some couples are skinny while others are larger; some couples have surgery scars; and some women have implant breasts. You’ll see it all and it’s all okay. Also, don’t feel that you need to fit in. You don’t need to shave your pubic hair and don’t worry if you’re larger or have smaller breasts or a small or large penis or dramatic surgery scars or birth marks. It really is a body shaming free zone where no one stand out and every one is accepting.

The beach and Au Natural bar/restaurant area at Couples San Souci

Explore and enjoy your time together. An amazing transformation takes place during your first time nude together. Your nakedness doesn’t matter. You’ll decide to get up and walk the beach together. Maybe jump into the ocean or venture over to the pool. Maybe it’s a quick trip down the beach at first where you pass another couple and exchange, “hello’s.”  You realize although you’re naked and they are naked too, nothing feels odd. It’s strangely natural and feels right. (Never thought you’d say that did you, especially before you tried it?)

Au Natural Pool and Swim Up Bar at Couples San Souci

Do what feels right. You’re having fun. In fact, you’re having a blast! Maybe you’ll decide to move to the pool and start talking with other couples. Maybe you’ll jump into a game of nude volleyball. Maybe you’ll go skinny dipping in the ocean. Maybe you’ll jump into the hot tub. Maybe you’ll go to the bar and try a mixed drink. You’ll be doing a lot of firsts today. Enjoy them. Or maybe you’ll spend your time together on the beach enjoying your time and never really mingle with the others. The choice is yours. It’s all okay and it’s up to you.

The Spa at Couples San Souci

The Fine Print. The biggest concern many couples shared about Couple Sans Souci’s nude area is that it isn’t clothing optional. It is nude. When you go to this area of the resort you must be with your spouse and you must take off all of your clothing. No topless. No gradually shed your suit. No exceptions. I know this can be very intimidating at first, but what you’ll find is that when everyone is nude, no one stands out. Honestly the only time I’m uncomfortable on a nude beach is when I’m around other people who are clothed. I’m exposed and they’re not. You’ll be surprised how quickly it feels natural to be without your clothing and around others who look the same. There is no judging. No staring.

Since I posted this trip report years ago, I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking if women can go topless or wear thongs at Couples Sans Souci. The answer is yes to both but women can go topless only on the main Sans Souci sand beach. While I’ve read (and seen) women topless at the pools, Couples says you must be wearing a top in and around the pools and throughout the resort. I’ve heard from several couples that they went to the main beach and went topless there first before going to Sunset Beach. Thongs are fine anywhere. Just wear something you’re comfortable in. My wife loves the Wicked Weasel thong bikinis. Some of these bikinis can be very revealing.

Enjoying the waves and the beach at Couples San Souci’s Au Natural Beach

Regardless of how much or how little you wear at Couples, our suggestion is not to wait till your last day to try Sunset Beach. Countless couples mentioned they waited till their final day and then found they really enjoyed it and wished they tried it sooner. You’ll know within a few hours if you want to stay all day or go back to the other pools and beaches at Sans Souci. You’ll have a great time there too.

So there it is. We highly recommend Couples Resort Sans Souci as a wonderful nude experience for the couple trying it for the first time or for the experience nakationer who is looking to try a new resort.

Sunset at the Au Natural Beach at Couples Sans Souci

What questions do you have? Been to Couples Sans Souci? What was your experience like? What other Jamaican resorts with nude areas would you recommend? We’d love to hear your thoughts, insights and questions. We can’t wait to go Jammin Naked in Jamaica again!

Published by TC

Professional who enjoys traveling and seeing new places with my wife and best friend.

46 thoughts on “Couples Sans Souci Perfect for First Timers to Jam Naked in Jamaica

    1. Couples tower isle was our first nude experience
      It was awesome
      My wife was out of her clothes before me
      The bartender snapped a couple shots of us ffor proof
      Seriously……great experience
      Caan not wait to go back!!!!!

    2. Do I understand correctly at Couples San Souchi there is topless sunbathing in the main beach and there’s a nude beach at a separate location? My wife prefers to have the option.

      1. There is a nude beach and regular beach….you MUST be nude at the nude beach or you will be asked to leave….your wife cannot go topless on the main beach but if she does not want to be completely nude on the nude beach one way around this is to tell them that it’s that time of the month..I believe they will let her leave her bottoms on in a case like that….the nude beach is huge…they have a nude pool/swim up bar and a nice grill that serves lunch…they play pool volleyball and make sure you stay for the sunset…its stunning and they usually have a sax player going during sunset…very romantic…I hope this information helps…if you have anymore questions feel free to ask….btw my wife is a travel agent who specializes in au naturel travel

      2. “It’s this time of the month ” is not valid as an excuse, it is called cheeting …..
        You must come together as a couple and both of you must get completely nude in order to enjoy the beach. You will be asked to leave if you keep bottoms on, or one of you does not participate.
        And yes, your wife can be topless on main beach if she doesn’t mind to be the only one.

  1. I have been to this resort, and it is just as you say. You are quite right that it is great for newbies, and not so newbies too!

  2. We really enjoyed it. I’m going to do another blog comparing Couples San Souci to Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico. Both excellent properties but a different overall experience. Thank you for reading and responding!

  3. we going to CSS in March for 1st time and intend to try au-natural beach/pool.
    1 question we have is that going for your lunch in au-natural area do yo still have to be undressed, or does everyone get dressed?

    1. Great question JM. I’m envious. Wish we were going back. The Au Natural area is just that… nude. It might sound odd to eat lunch in the buff but that’s what you’ll do. It’s actually quite normal and very casual. I recommend a Red Stripe or rum drink too. You’ll have a towel to sit on and a napkin for your lap. Let me know what other thoughts/questions you have! TC

  4. You really nailed down what Sunset Beach is all about. My wife and I have been enjoying nude beaches in Jamaica for several years and have never found a place as comfortable as Sans Souci. We have been there twice now and are already planning our return. You won’t find a friendlier or more welcoming group of people than the Sunset Beach patrons!

    1. Thanks KDA. Couldn’t agree more. We have friends going there later this month. We told them they must give it a try. I’m pretty sure they’ll be converts by the time they get back. Enjoy and have fun. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Thanks Ken. Our friends did select SSB over St. Martin. Glad they did since St. Martin was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. I’m very sad about that. Our friends are honeymooning at Couples San Souci in two weeks. Should be a great trip!

  5. You are exactly right. My wife and I went to CSS in Dec. of last year (2015). We only stayed for 5 days because we didn’t know how we would like it. We waited until day 2 to try Sunset Beach. Oops. Should have gone right away. We absolutely loved it. We went back this last April for 8 days. Again, you meet the greatest people and there are no pretenses. You are all the same. Some bigger, some smaller but all the same parts. Bodies are beautiful cuz God don’t make junk. All are beautiful in their own way. We are going back in Nov. for our 3rd trip. We live in AZ where it is warm most of the year. While we cannot go outside naked, we do so inside. Just call before you come over. We live in such a small community that we don’t dare make our nudity known. Even in yor own house when you are nude you feel a closeness that isn’t there other wise. Thank you for your article. As for nudity we have a saying at Sunset Beach. “Once you go, you know”.

    1. Thanks Jim. You’re making me blush. I appreciate you sharing your experience too. We must have just missed you there. Be well. Great nudist clubs in Arizona to try too. Give it a look. More great people there. Thanks.

  6. We’re going in October – read some great reviews – usually at Club Orient but wanted to try something more upscale – your review helped nail it.

    1. Thanks Mark. Wow, not pressure on us. I hope you enjoy it. It is a different experience than Club O, which I love too. Enjoy it and tell me what you think. We debated about going back to Hidden Beach Resort this winter and opted for renting a private home on St. Maarten. More to come on that! Enjoy

      1. Will do we also spent some time this past summer at Terme Olimia in Slovenia – much like CSS it is not totally clothing optional – but the spa (thermal pool, saunas, and other areas are)in fact in those areas clothes are not an option you must be fully nude. On Friday evenings they open the full facility – all pools and spas to nudity. Was a great place in a great location. I am very much looking froward to CSS – it seems a little more private and not as crowded as Club Orient and Orient Beach – thanks for the great review.

      2. Yes, it’s not nearly as crowded and you’re not inundated with cruise people who are walking the beach and causing a scene. We really enjoyed it. Enjoy. I’ll look up Terme Olimia. Sounds great.

  7. How do First Timers Male deal with Erections ? What if it happens frequently since you are not used to getting naked and seeing other women might sometime make your aroused . Any solution to avoid getting erections ?

    1. Dlyan, Good question and honestly it really doesn’t happen much. The first time my wife and I went to a nude beach, I did get an erection. It wasn’t from seeing the other women on the beach. It was from seeing my wife (then girlfriend) take off her bikini. When this happened I simply laid down on my stomach. A few minutes later it had passed and I never had a problem with it again. The other suggestion is to put a towel over your lap until the feeling passes. For someone who hasn’t done this before, it might seem likely a highly sexually charged atmosphere but in all honesty, it isn’t. Anyone with thoughts or suggestions to share.

  8. We were at CTI in 2014 and did the day pass to San Souci (CSS) and had a great time.

    This past October we were back at CTI and went over to San Souci twice. What a blast we had!

    The hotel at CSS appeared to have been running at capacity on our first day there and we met many people from a large group of about 32 who were there for the week. Those visits to CSS were the highlights of our Jamaica Couples vacation.

    I agree that San Souci is a great place to experience naturism for the first time. I will give it the nod over CTI in that respect, except when there is a large group of CTI regulars on the island at Tower Isle.

    1. Thanks Clyde. Really is a wonderful place to experience social nudity and understand what it’s really all about: enjoying time with your spouse in a safe and relaxing place around other great people who are enjoying it for the same reason too is wonderful. Thank you for your comments and for reading our blog. Hoping to experience CTI soon too! If you have a story you’d like to share, please DM me. Thanks! TC

  9. I just came across your blog….my wife and I are avid nudists..and live on the Jersey Shore(thank goodness because we have the only legal nude beach in New Jersey 30 minutes away from us)….we travel to Jamaica 3 or 4 times a year and usually stay at another resort(not couples) that has an off shore island with a c/o beach…we love that resort but are looking to expand our horizons…we have also been to hidden beach every year for the last 5 years and loved it….we like the quiet relaxed atmosphere of hidden beach but also like that you can amp it up if you want to for more fun….how would you compare hidden beach to couples san souci?….not just the nude experience but the rooms…food…service…people…activities…age group….staff…you get the jist of it…also my wife is a travel agent and has some inside info(not sure if it’s inside info anymore) but Karisma resorts (parent company of hidden beach) is opening several new resorts in Jamaica…and yes……they are building a hidden beach resort in Jamaica !!!!!….Once there is a hidden beach in Jamaica…we will never have to go anywhere else…we absolutely LOVE Jamaica !!!!….the people…culture are all awesome…we have several Jamaicans that we consider family…I look forward to your response

  10. You’re right about Firefly. We went there for the first time a few years back and and absolutely loved the clothes optional beach. When we got there the next year we found they has new owners and were unable to renew the beach permit. Top free and thongs were okay but it just isn’t the same.
    Thanks for the review, we’ll look into San Souci next time we think about Jamaica

  11. We are going to San Souci for the first time in November. …my wife and I are nudists as well but not in the lifestyle. …desire is a lifestyle resort. …if you like mexico. ..try hidden beach. ..upscale au natural resort in riviera Maya. …I have not heard of any swinging going on at San souci…..they have a very strict policy against PDA and such… it might be on the down low….my wife is a travel agent and we travel all over for the au natural experience. …she just started an au natural division in her agency and would be happy to help you find a good fit for your au natural vacations. …

    1. We have been to Couples Negril and Couples San Souci. I really liked Negril a lot better for the AN part. The reason is that bloody bay is amazing. Now the problem with Cn and the AN area is there is only a bar and island patties to eat. You also get the general public walking by on the beach. But the beach is spectacular. With CSS it’s all about the swimming pool. There is a bar in the pool and they cook short order right next to the pool. Very few people use the beach, most are in the pool. The water at the beach is extremely cold as the white river dumps into the ocean right there and the river water is extremely cold. We live in Arizona and have a pool in our backyard and our yard like everyone here has walls around it. So we can go nude in our pool at home. I think it is that we have a pool at home that we preferred Negril. I have been to Hidden Beach in Mexico, the food is outstanding, night and day better than Couples but it is also more expensive. The beach at Hidden Beach is very rocky and basically un-usable. It is also a pool experience. Little Beach in Maui was outstanding. Just not a lot of beaches left, mostly pool oriented. Been to several places in Palm Springs, Terra Cotta and Desert Sun both very nice centered around a pool. There are good nudist places in the US. Going to Club Orient next summer, looking forward to that.

      1. We live in new Jersey and are lucky to live 30 minutes away from the only legal nude beach in new Jersey. …Gunnison

  12. Very good always looking for info from someone who been there, put there feet in the sand.
    I have read lots on Hidden Beach, no one has ever said anything about the rocky beach.
    So thank you for that.
    We also live in Arizona, {Phoenix area} have spent countless weekends nude in our back yard pool, also some camping trips.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I think I need to write a comparison about Hidden Beach and Couples Sans Souci. We are big fan’s of both but for different reasons. You really can’t go wrong with either but I would tell you that neither has an especially nice beach. We have not been to Couples Negril but I’ve heard the bay/beach is amazing. Just not as private. Thanks for reading.

  13. Thanks for all the info on Sans Souci. That is very helpful. We previously stayed at Sandals Royal Caribbean and enjoyed their private clothing optional beach. We were looking for that same experience and Sans Souci sounds like the place. However, since we were just in Jamaica was looking at options in Mexico. Have you stayed anywhere in Mexico that is like Sans Souci? We have only found au natural resorts but are looking for one that just has a private au natural area.

    1. We don’t know of any other properties like Sans Souci in Mexico (clothed resort with a private nude beach/pool section). Does anyone know of a property that could be what they’re looking for?

  14. We’re members at Hidden Beach Resort and love going every year or two. We like that it’s fully nude and we never have to get dressed while on vacation unless we choose to, usually for a meal in one of the two adjoining hotels also owned by the same company, or to play a larger game of water Volleyball, and that it’s PDA sensitive and respectful. It reminds us in some ways of Laguna Del Sol in Sacramento, CA, where we are also members. Far more to do at LdS but more relaxing at HBR, so I suspect we’ll always make time to go. I do like the talk here on CSS, as I’m not familiar and need to look into this as well!

    1. Thanks Smokey. I appreciate your feedback and we too love HBR. In fact, we have several blogs about it. We were there last in January. Here is the blog we wrote: Let me know what you think. Would love to go to Laguna Del Sol. I’ve heard good things. By all means, try CSS. We’d love to go back. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Hi….my wife is a travel agent who specializes in luxury au naturel travel…we recently had the pleasure to stay at San souci and loved it…..the nude beach is HUGE ….swim up pool bar….grill…water volleyball but the down side is that’s the only place you can be naked but we LOVED it….she also went over to couples tower isle for a site inspection and she liked it alot….we also go to hidden beach every year….we leave the Saturday after Thanksgiving….if you would want to see pics of the nude beach I can send you some

  15. Question about room selection. If we like to sit out on our balcony AN, which buildings would your recommend? You mentioned the ones on the cliff, but exactly which buildings are these? Thanks.

    1. Great question. This is in the G block of rooms. You need to book the one bedroom ocean suite rooms. Make sure not to get one on the end which is right next to a walkway. Otherwise you should have excellent privacy to enjoy the balcony in the buff. Have fun and let me know if you have any other questions.

    2. Technically the only spot you can be naked is on the nude beach….the resort itself is not AN…..but I’m sure if you have a higher floor with a somewhat secluded balcony you could sit out there in the buff

      1. Good point Joe. You are correct. I know though that lots of people enjoy the G block rooms because the balconies are so large and do offer some privacy. And they are less expensive per night than the A and B block rooms. Thanks for pointing that out.

  16. We just got back from CSS. First timers. Great location. Was a great experience and can’t wait to do our second Nude Trip. Like the required nudity and couples only. Made it very comfortable. We hung on the beach mostly but went up for drinks and lunch. Followed normal rules for nude beach. All went well. Will go back to CSS for sure.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a great time. Appreciate you reading our blog and letting us know about your experience. Sounds like this was the first of many nude vacations. You’ve discovered the nude secret. Most people never learn it. Being naked is about how you feel. And it’s even better with your spouse or friends. Welcome to the club.

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